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  • Getting Agility/agility back into your business
    How NewOrbit can help businesses get back their agility.
  • GDPR for Software and how Azure can help
    A video recording we made with Microsoft about how GDPR applies to Software development and how Azure can help.
  • Securing your web app in Azure
    A video overview of some of the Azure technologies that you can use to better protect your web applications in Azure - all depending on your required security level, of course.
  • GDPR for People who own Software
    This post is for the people who are responsible for the business side of owning software, people who own or are responsible for the intellectual property in software - the people who have to worry about business risk, contracts, sales and so on.
  • GDPR for Operations
    GDPR advice for the people who are responsible for hosting and managing software.
  • GDPR for Software Designers and Developers
    GDPR advice for the people who design and build software, such as business analysts, developers and architects.
  • GDPR Summary
    A brief overview of the GDPR and its implications
  • Azure Failover and Resilience
    When first coming to Azure, it can be hard to understand what resilience you get automatically and what you might have to set up yourself. This post provides a high-level overview of the principles. It is intended as an introduction to help you ask the right questions.
  • Combine documents with other data in Azure Search
    Azure Search has built-in support for indexing documents in blob storage, which works great. But what if you want to combine the documents with other data, for example if you are building a recruitment system and want to search on, say, location and CV content at the same time?
  • How many ways can I host a web app in Azure?
    A quick list of the different ways you can host a web app in Azure.
  • Find docs with no PartitionKey in Azure DocumentDb
    It is possible to accidentally create documents in CosmosDb without a partition key. This post explores how to retrieve them.
  • Find Documents with missing properties in Azure DocumentDb with the .Net SDK
    Azure DocumentDb stores documents as JSON. One of the effects of this is that sometimes you may end up with documents in the database that have missing properties and it can be quite tricky to search for them with the .Net SDK. This blog post has an approach to doing it.
  • Auto publish Azure Web Jobs with ASP.Net Core RTM
    Use Kudu to deploy Azure Web Jobs with ASP.Net Core.
  • InfoSec with SQL Azure
    An overview of SQL Azure security features.
  • Using Azure Management Libraries from Azure Web Jobs
    In this post I will show how to set up an Azure Web Job to automatically reboot a worker role at certain times. It's just an example, you can schedule pretty much any Azure operation in this way, including shutting down VMs at the end of the day etc.
  • Continuous deployment to Azure Cloud Services
    When you use Azure Websites you can do continuous deployment using Git, but with cloud services you can only do it from TFS. Luckily, it is quite easy to set up a Powershell script to deploy to Cloud Services. In this post I will share a sample script that can be used to deploy to multiple different environments, such as a UAT and a Live environment.

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