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Getting Agility/agility back into your business

03 July 2019 By Tom Dean

For some time now there has been a big focus on being Agile (big A): following the Agile method, using it to improve business efficiency and deliver change - both internally and externally.

In business context, agility (small a) is the ability to change direction at speed or to refocus on new priorities, quickly.

Why the focus on agility?

The world is moving quickly; political, technological, environmental pressures can impact a business or an entire industry in minutes. The banks have already seen the impact of not being agile and adapting to pressures quickly; there are many other industries in similar positions.

Like ships, smaller companies are more likely to be agile. Small companies have fewer moving parts (people, systems) and it becomes quicker to disseminate how, what and (most importantly) why, something needs to change. An ocean-liner can be fast, cutting a path and storming ahead, but trying to turn one of those around requires advanced notice, endless planning and very careful consideration!


So how do you add it back in?

Continuing the boat analogy for a moment, how would you turn an ocean liner around quickly?

Trying to change the ship itself might seem like a place to start, and may be the right option eventually, but the reality is that this is a larger, more complex project than finding external help to provide the agility needed - at least, at first. So, how?

Tugboats! A tugboat is a small, strong and fast boat (when not attached to another ship) that is pretty much all engine. They’re used for manoeuvring larger ships into a position, often into/out of harbours. Some are even ocean going.

Boat to business

Larger organisations are beginning to realise that BAU (Business As Usual) still needs to be done and that most of their staff and their efforts are spent there. That is to say, the bigger and more mature your business is, the more of your resources and your efforts are spent doing what you were doing yesterday… again. Looking to the future, responding to market opportunities and trends is a whole other function and that’s where real agility is needed. The strategic thinkers and do-ers are trying to achieve what their internal teams simply can’t.

High priced help?

The usual candidates considered to take on the work, the large BPOs and Consulting firms, are not the nimblest of companies themselves. Creating internal teams and using Agile methods, is a great place to start, but the cultural and political shift required is expensive and takes time - that can happen in parallel.

Smaller, faster independent teams that have an agile ethos provide, at usually a considerably cheaper rate, the agility that is craved by those that have lost it.

We can help you turn things around!

If you find your own internal software development teams don’t have time for you, are too slow to deliver the value you need or if you find yourself thinking “It must be easier to start than this!” do consider a nimble, ‘all-engine’ partner to help you turn things around.

Today, NewOrbit are already working with corporate organisations and large/mid-sized companies; helping them turn ideas into plans and plans into software solutions in a controlled, fast turn-around environment. Our teams are proficient at taking you through the full journey from brainstorming, through prototyping, to delivering, supporting and hosting the end result - to helping you product manage it, over time. 

We’d love to hear your challenge and talk about how NewOrbit might be able to help.  Please get in touch.