Microsoft Azure

It is no longer a matter of if you should move to the cloud but of how.

The challenge of moving to the cloud

NewOrbit has been developing systems on Azure since 2011 and has been an Azure Gold Partner since 2016. In addition to building brand-new systems, we frequently help organisations migrate their existing systems to the cloud, building on all that we have learnt on the journey.


We host regular, free workshops and events to share what we know about Azure and how to migrate to the cloud.

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Consulting Services

Whether you are just starting to migrate or are already knee-deep in it, it can often be very helpful to talk through what you need to do with someone who has been there.

We offer a range of services, from a bit of guidance all the way up to rewriting your old software to be cloud-native depending on the right course of action.


Azure Support Services

You can buy your Azure consumption from NewOrbit and bundle it with a support agreement that can include Azure support as well as consulting and monitoring. We are happy to tailor the most appropriate solution to your needs.

Note that you’ll usually be paying the same for Azure when you buy it from us as you will if you buy it directly from Microsoft.



We frequently write posts on our blog about Azure-related technologies and considerations.

Need help?

We’re a friendly bunch and won’t give you a hard sell. If you would like to talk with us about how we can help you get the most out of Azure, please get in touch.

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