Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement

24 March 2020 By Frans Lytzen

Originally Published: 04 March 2020
Last Updated: 17 March 2020

NewOrbit is continually monitoring the potential impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 on NewOrbit’s ability to serve its customers.  

We have identified two main sources of potential disruption. The first is the effect of mitigation efforts, such as self-isolation etc. and the second is the effect of a significant number of employees becoming ill.  

NewOrbit’s senior management and HR team continue to monitor the official advice as well as the situation on the ground for both our UK and Polish operations and will update this statement as relevant.  

We have issued guidance to our employees, which we will continue to assess and update as the situation evolves. 

Impact of mitigation efforts 

Following the government’s latest update, we have decided to allow our employees to work from home, until the government advises otherwise. We have therefore invoked our Business Continuity Plan. 

Currently the offices are still open and accessible, however the majority of our employees will be working from home. NewOrbit is set up to work 100% remotely and we do not expect any impact on our clients. We have already taken active steps to prepare people to work from home.

We are also advising employees to self-isolate if there is any risk that they may carry the virus or experience any mild symptoms, as well as monitoring international travel. 

We are also minimising travel and contact in the business, re-arranging visits as remote web conferences.

Impact of infections 

In the event that one or more staff are infected or suspected to be infected, we will immediately invoke our Business Continuity Plan and close the affected office(s).  

We will inform all our clients that have active engagements or where there is any risk of impact to any work being carried out for the client. 

If significant numbers of staff are infected, this will have an unavoidable impact on project work. We will manage this and communicate with clients, in accordance with our Business Continuity Plan. 

As far as the systems we host and support for clients, they will continue running in the cloud irrespective of any level of illness. However, it is possible that illness will affect the ability of NewOrbit to provide the normal level of support to end users. We have significant levels of redundancy built into our ability to provide these services and will prioritise them over delivering development work by reassigning staff as required. We have drafted contingency plans for this, including drawing up schedules of which people can be re-assigned to support which products.